The business of storage for renewable electricity

This workshop will address the challenges posed by increasing shares of intermittent renewable energy sources and the different solutions available, with a special attention to hydrogen storage. The focus will be on the identification of potential business models for this option, with an assessment of the current barriers and regulations existing in the field. Under and above ground storage solutions will then be discussed.


Speakers and participants will discuss the following elements during the workshop:

  • SET THE FRAME: economic and technical aspects of intermittent renewable energy production, overview of the regulatory framework, assessment of the existing solutions to the issue.
  • CASE STUDY & LESSONS LEARNED: the hydrogen storage solution. Realistic options, expected impacts and already existing technologies.
  • ADVANTAGES & BARRIERS: who can invest, operate and benefit from storage? Potential business models and key players in the field.
  • PERSPECTIVES: Under and above ground storing solutions, future policy developments.

Who should attend:

The event is open to all the players in the field of energy production and distribution: energy utilities, electricity grid operators and fuel cell & hydrogen stakeholders. Participation to this workshop will allow them to compare their visions and needs, and to bridge the gap between the technology providers and its potential end-users. Public and local authorities will also have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential of the storage solution in addressing their energy needs.


Advancing the debates on the market uptake:

FuelCellEurope, the European association representing the interest of fuel cells in Europe, is organizing a series of 1-day workshops in Brussels for executives, experts and leaders of the fuel cells and hydrogen sector, renewable energy and energy utilities stakeholders, EU and other officials, as well as clean technology users and investors.

Join the workshops and discuss with experts about fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, applications and market perspectives.


Sponsoring opportunities:

If you are interested in sponsoring one or more of the workshops, please contact us via email at


5 reasons to participate:  

  • Gain insight on the status of fuel cells and hydrogen technologies
  • Learn best practices and discover successful case studies
  • Debate potential and barriers with leading industry and research experts
  • Discover the market perspectives and initiate business opportunities
  • Network with experts and executives sharing similar interests

More details:

  • Program and details about the workshops can be found here
  • For more information about registration and speaking opportunities, please click here
  • The participation fee is €450* for non FuelCellEurope's Members or €350* for FuelCellEurope's Members per workshop

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